Presentation: Interdisciplinary Data Science Faculty Panel

Can you use data science to make an experimental film? Yes. We are collecting knock-knock jokes, collecting videos of talking birds, and training machines to identify human and bird phonemes. We are trying to answer some questions about learning and representation.

Doug Goodwin, Media Studies, Scripps

Robin Melnick, Linguistics/CogSci, Pomona

Christina Edholm, Mathematics, Scripps

Moderated by Jeanine Finn, Data Science & Digital Scholarship Coordinator, The Claremont Colleges Library

What might artists, historians, climate scientists, economists, philosophers, mathematicians, and policy makers all have in common?

Data Science is inherently interdisciplinary and is used today to decide who gets parole, who gets a mortgage, and what insurance rates we each pay. Come learn from esteemed colleagues across the Claremont Colleges who are using data science in innovative ways across diverse fields.

Claremont Colleges Office of Consortial Academic Collaboration